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What are AOL Parasites?How To Remove AOL Virus

AOL Viruses Removal

You may have not heard about AOL parasite. It is a malicious software which aims to attack users via AOL Instant Messenger and other America OnLine software. It is very much similar to worm and Trojan horse in activities.

It distributes on PC without any warning, dialog or wizards. In short distribution is done in a way that user doesn’t gets a blink of it. It spreads via suspicious links, attachments and messages. Once the user clicks on a link, they are directed to a malicious site. It can also spread on system with the help of Spyware, Trojan and backdoors etc.

 Its activities

  1. Once it makes way into your PC, it steals account details including ID’s and passwords. It hides deep into the system to record or capture user’s computer screen and keystrokes
  2. Some AOL parasites are used to establish remote connection with a system to initiate unsolicited activities.
  3. It leads to money loss from bank accounts and credit card. It also leads to identity theft by stealing IP address of user.
  4. AOL affects the speed and performance of system drastically by causing technical issues in the system
  5. It uses the infected system to send Spam messages to other people

Distribution Method

AOL Viruses are distributed via email attachments and spam mails. So never ever click on any suspicious link or email attachment particularly from unknown senders. Microsoft Windows are its soft target but now a days advanced form of AOL affects Mac OS X as well. The Good news is that due to increasing awareness about spam and suspicious emails, its distribution rate has reduced significantly from last few fiscals.

 How To Prevent AOL Parasites

Awareness is the key to prevent AOL Parasites attacking your system. If a user is unaware about suspicious links and attachments, pop-up ads, he will click on anything what so ever comes in his/her way.

Don’t trust on the email attachments and links from the unknown senders. Verify first properly and then only click on the link. If you have any kind of doubt still in your mind, discard the link or attachment.

Install a powerful anti-spyware on your system to track it down immediately

Some Common AOL Parasites



Its main task is to monitor the user’s activity on AIM messenger. It records the information and then shares it with remote server.  It even captures chats that you send via Messenger.


Its main task is to corrupt AIM and sending a bulk of spam messages. It decreases speed and performance of system drastically.

UIN IP parasite

Its main task is to act as a proxy server to capture user’s messages and conversations. It is a serious threat to the privacy of a user.

Eliminate Moshpunt 2K

It is an OL parasite which targets OL Instant messenger services (AIM or ICQ).

How To Remove AOL Parasite

If AOL parasites infects your system, don’t wait remove it immediately. Download a powerful anti-spyware or malware and get rid of it. If the spyware is not available to you, then there is a manual procedure to remove it from Windows, browsers, desktop shortcuts and programs.  Apply the procedure to get rid of it. In the upcoming articles we will discuss the procedures in detail.





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