Backdoor Virus Removal

What Is Backdoor? How To Remove Backdoors

Backdoors removal guideline

Backdoor is a malicious software that enables the attacker to get unauthorized access to an insecure PC by exploiting its vulnerabilities. Like AOL Parasite, it also works in the background to hide itself from user. Its design is almost similar to other malwares which makes it difficult to detect in the system.

The backdoor is considered an extremely dangerous malware because it enables attacker to perform any kind of action on a PC.

Backdoor – Its Activities

 Some of its dangerous consequences are:

  1. Attacker uses it as a spyware to spy on user.
  2. The attacker manages files and installs additional software on the compromised PC
  3. He takes the control of the compromised PC in hands and uses it to attacks a number of hosts
  4. It can perform keystroke logging, file infection, encryption and screenshot capture which are altogether a serious threat to the privacy of user
  5. Several backdoors have permanently integrated into some applications. The attacker just needs to make contact with a computer having such an App installed on it to get full unauthorized access to it.


Backdoor – Its Distribution Pattern

Its distribution method is pattern, it works like a virus and except a few, doesn’t needs to be installed on a system.  Its components are integrated into program running on remote host. Unlike AOL and Adware, Backdoor doesn’t remain hidden from user.

Some of its distribution patterns are:

  1. Backdoors can be distributed on your system via email attachments, messages and file sharing programs like blue tooth.
  2. Developers trick users by giving them a name of a genuine software so that they open or execute such files.
  3. Backdoor is sometimes installed by spyware, Trojans and viruses
  4. Sometimes it is installed manually by malicious users who have privilege for software installation.
  5. Some threats can be manually installed by malicious users who have sufficient privileges for the software installation.
  6. The components of Backdoor can be used to exploit remote systems with security vulnerabilities.

Dangerous Consequences Of Backdoor Virus

The consequences of backdoor virus are as follows:

  1. A backdoor enables attacker to establish remote connection with infected computer to use it for malicious purposes and criminal activities.
  2. It violates the privacy of user to an extreme level for years and months together
  3. It enables attacker to know everything about the victim including passwords, credit card numbers, login names, bank account details and contacts etc.
  4. If the hackers fail to get desired results from the hacked PC, they may damage the entire PC including the data on it.
  5. Intruder assumes full control of hacked PC. He/she can delete, rename, create and modify any data or file. They can execute any command or alter Windows registry and install other programs.

How To Prevent Backdoor From Attacking Your System

Awareness is the key to prevent backdoor attacking your system. If a user is unaware about suspicious links and attachments, pop-up ads, he will click on anything what so ever comes in his/her way.

Don’t trust on the email attachments and links from the unknown senders. Verify first properly and then only click on the link. If you have any kind of doubt still in your mind, discard the link or attachment.

Install a powerful anti-spyware on your system to track it down immediately

Some Common Examples Of Backdoors

Following are some example of backdoors:


It is a kind of malware that enables attacker to download and execute internet files on users’ PC. It changes default Windows Firewall settings to penetrate into a computer.


It is considered one of the most extremely dangerous type of backdoor. It gives attackers full control on victims’ PC. The attacker then performs any operations based on his will.


It gives hacker remote and illegal access to Victims PC. It runs hidden FTP server for downloading malicious software. It destabilizes system and decreases its performance and speed

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