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What is Browser Hijacker? How To Remove Browser Hijacker


This is also known by the name of hijackware. This is a type of malware program which invades your browser settings and makes your browser misbehave to do completely different things. It makes you visit the websites that you had no intention of visiting to. They change your homepage and search engine without your knowledge. It also adds bookmarks to porn websites on your browser and send pornographic pop-ups adware. We often ignore the fine print of terms and conditions of software we download. Hence. Browser hijackers are downloaded as a freeware along with some other software. sometimes, it also gets installed in the computer without seeking permission. It can also find way into your computer through an infected email, attachment, or a drive-by download.

To avoid the contamination of your PC by these hijackware, you should read the terms and conditions before downloading a program on your system.

How are browser hijackers classified?

They are categorised on the basis of their symptoms and the technology they use to get into the host computer. Some hijackers make use of setup file of a software to invade a system. When you install the software, the browser hijacker is also installed automatically.

Features of Browser Hijacker

  1. It gets into your system without your knowledge. it hides it setup file in a free software. Once you install the software on your system, the browser hijacker finds it way in.
  2. The suspicious links given in porn, pop-ups and torrents often lead to infliction by browser hijacker.
  3. Clicking on the unverified links while updating your windows can also cause browser hijacker to enter your system.
  4. While playing online games, clicking on suspicious links can also cause hijackware infection.

What do we do for you?

You will get the complete uninstallation guide here. You can also get some tools to clean your browser and windows. We also provide manual procedure to get rid of Browser Hijacker from your system.

Common Browser Hijackers extension

It asks you to click on ads popping up on your screen. virus

It creates weird home pages, new tab pages and alters the default search engines stealthily. virus

It mimics the original programs of your system and detecting it can be difficult. Virus

It is a daily social buzz application. Once you see this program on your system, get rid of it as soon as possible.


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