CreditMaster 4.0 Removal

How To Remove Carding CreditMaster 4.0?

How to remove creditmaster-4-0

The stuff in this article will help you in getting rid of CreditMaster 4.0. Apart from learning how to remove Carding CreditMaster 4.0, you will also learn how to block it from entering your PC.  Let us first of all have an overview of it

Trojan CreditMaster 4.0- Overview

Trojan CreditMaster 4.0 is a Carding Software which is used in stealing credit card details to absorb money out of your bank account. The virus was first time identified in Pakistan in year 2013. The CreditMaster 4.0 has a tremendous potential to modify features of Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista. It also infects Firefox, chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. Though the percentage of its attacks is less but we have to remain cautious because it can absorb out our hard earned money from bank accounts. So it is important you should know how to remove Carding CreditMaster 4.0 if it infects your PC.

How It Enters Into Your PC?

Its most common reservoirs are unsafe websites such as porn sites and gambling sites. These sites contain almost all malwares and viruses. Once you click on any such website, CreditMaster 4.0 and other Malware start downloading automatically on your OS. You can’t even imagine that it has a potential of downloading 1000’s of malware on your system in just a minute.

The CreditMaster 4.0 sneaks into unsecure and vulnerable PC’s without the consent of user.  The CreditMaster 4.0 can be bundled with a popular Free   Software and installs with the setup of it.  The purpose of bundling it up with a Free Software is to hide it from user till it installs on the system. The developers know that no person on this earth will install CreditMaster 4.0 willingly on system unless he is not tricked to download it on his/her PC.

Never ever open any suspicious email attachment, it may contain CreditMaster 4.0 or some other malware.


Before moving further its very important to understand that its bit difficult to process own its own which is coming up next. One wrong step can damage your whole pc. You can loss your data so if you want to avoid that mess follow below:
>> Download MalwareBytes – CreditMaster 4.0  Carding Remover.

Symptoms of CreditMaster 4.0

If you think that your PC might be infected with CreditMaster 4.0, then check out these symptoms. These symptoms tell you has your PC been infected with CreditMaster 4.0 or not.

  1. The speed of your computer will come down abruptly
  2. The speed of your Internet connection will also go down and it will work in a very sluggish way.
  3. You are on a site and your browser will redirect you to an unknown site that could be a porn or gambling site
  4. It will bombard your web pages with all kinds of annoying pop-up ads
  5. It can crash your Windows and thus cause important data loss
  6. It can leak your confidential data including passwords and ID’s to a third party. The party could be a hacker.
  7.  It helps hackers to gain illegal access to your PC and spy on your activities. It can steal your login details and cause identity theft.
  8. It can all of a sudden terminate executable process or Apps
  9. It places misleading pop ups on your webpages
  10. It can hide your desktop background
  11. It can cause sudden system shutdown
  12. It poses a threat to system security and Registry

CreditMaster 4.0 Carding Removal Guide

How To Get rid of carding software CreditMaster 4.0 

You should not take it for granted any time. It is an extremely dangerous malware that has an ability to rob you with all of your money. It can cause a very serious damage to your computer. So remove it as early as possible. We are providing you here two effective removal methods. You can choose any of the following two methods to get rid of CreditMaster 4.0

With a Removal Tool (Automatic Method)      

The procedure to remove carding software CreditMaster 4.0 with a removal tool is as follows

From Windows XP, Windows Vista and 7

  1. Shut down your PC.
  2. Keep hitting F8 key till it loads Windows Advanced Option Menu
  3. Now highlight “Safe Mode with Networking” with arrow keys. creditmaster-4-0-removal-safemode
  4. Click on Enter
  5. Now download a Removal Tool MalwareBytes Anitmalware.
  6. Install it on the Windows following the installation wizard
  7. Once the installation finishes, run the Program
  8. Now perform a deep scan of your computer
  9. Select and click on Remove to get rid of all the threats on your computer.creditmaster-4-0-removal-system-modification

Manual Method

To Remove CreditMaster 4.0 Carding, you may have to mess with registery & system files. Making a single mistake and deleting the wrong thing may corrupt your system.
 To Avoid this use MalwareBytes – CreditMaster 4.0 Removal Tool.

For Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista

  1. Shutdown infected PC
  2. Keep hitting F8 key until it loads Windows Advanced Option Menu
  3. Now highlight Safe Mode with Networking” with arrow keys
  4. Click on Enter
  5. Now open Control Panel and look for CreditMaster 4.0
  6. Click on ‘Remove’

For Windows 8

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click Ctrl+ Alt+ Del, it will pop-up Switch User interface
  3. Hold Shift Key and click on Shut down
  4. Now start System Restart
  5. Select Troubleshoot in next Window
  6. Click Advanced and select ‘Startup’ settings
  7. Now select ‘restart and then tap on F5 Key or Simply 5. It will highlight Safe Mode with Networking”. creditmaster-4-0-removal-safemode
  8. Now go to control panel and place your cursor on Start screen.
  9. It will show you new Apps button, click on it and it will display the Apps view and search control panel.
  10. Look for the CreditMaster 4.0.
  11. Click on Uninstall or Remove option.
  12. Now restart PC to save changes. That is all you need to do.


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