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What Is Cracks? How To Remove Cracks

Cracks Virus Removal Guideline

Cracks we know are used to modify the security settings of a legitimate software to install it on a PC or desktop illegally.

There are different types of cracks available online. Some generate registration codes, others modify security and registry features of a program. Some cracks alter program code. These activities are aimed to remove the software restrictions so that user don’t needs to pay for it.  Cracking is illegal as well as unethical.

How Is Cracking Harmful To Your PC

Cracking causes a lot of problems to your PC. There are a number of risks related it. It can lead to following PC problems:

  1. The attackers fill Cracks with a dangerous kind of viruses and malware. Once you install a crack, the malware deposits on your Windows and steals login details of the user.
  2. It makes PC vulnerable to DDOS and BitCoin attacks.
  3. It violates copyright law. It can land you in jail or cause a heavy amount of fine.
  4. The cracked software can steal your sensitive information. It has a capability to access information on your hard drive. It will either erase it or can encrypt it. It is very tough to decrypt this encrypted data.
  5. It can all of a sudden redirect you to malicious sites which are packed with aggressive, commercial and malicious links and ads.
  6. It causes System destabilization. It can crash your Operating system and lower down the performance and the speed of your computer.
  7. A cracked version has not the ability to install an update, so the user is forced to look for an unlicensed version of the program which are mostly available on malicious sites.

How To Avoid Dangerous Consequences Of Cracking

 The ways and method to prevent dangerous consequences of cracking are as follows:

  1. The simplest method is to avoid using pirated and cracked software.
  2. Those who have already installed should scan their computer for spyware and malware.
  3. If a malware or spyware is detected on your system, remove it immediately from Windows.

Some Common Cracking Tools



Keygen generates serial numbers and registration codes to activate a software. There are both legitimate and illegitimate types of Keygen available online.

Illegal Keygen generated codes are most times infected by malicious components so they fail to activate a software


Legal Patch installs new updated on a software. Illegal patches created by third party developers promise user free software updating.  But this illegal updating destabilizes system and cause other performance related issues


Loader is one more type of crack which causes unwanted changes in a program. Loader is mostly used by developers to cheat in paid games.

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