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How to remove keylogger Guide


Keylogger, it is known just another malware that aims at stealing user data including login details, credit card number and other sensitive information stored on PC. It is somewhat similar in function to Flooder.

It logs keystrokes on keyboard and then transfers the data via internet to any particular host. It is also capable of taking screenshots for spying on user data

Keyloggers’ Types

Keyloggers have many types but primarily they are divided into two broader categories Software and Hardware.

Hardware Keylogger– It is a small device which records key strokes and then then saves them in its own space. On one side, the device is connected with Keyboard’s plug and on the other side with PC keyboard port. The device needs no software or driver at all to record keyboard strokes. So it is capable of working under different types of environments. But it lacks the function of taking screenshots and is easily traceable as well.

Software Keyloggers– Software Keyloggers have two types legitimate and parasitical. Parasitical Keylogger is very identical to trojans and viruses. The purpose of its developers is to breach PC privacy of a user. On the other hand, Genuine Keyloggers which are also called as computer surveillance tools is a software used by parents and bosses to track user habit of Children and Employs respectively.

The major disadvantage of legitimate Keyloggers is that they also breach privacy and can be misused by hackers.

Keylogger Activities

 Some of the visible impacts of Keylogger on PC are as follows

  1. Keyloggers remain unnoticeable for months and years. During this period, it keeps on tracking user activity on PC. It attempts to gather as much information as is possible for it during this period. It steals login details of bank, email and social media accounts, contacts, and interests of user. It uses the stolen data to steal money and documents of user.
  2. It logs Keystrokes on keyboard and takes screenshots at predefined time intervals
  3. I also log name of Applications user has installed on OS. In addition, it also logs window titles and other specific details.
  4. It records addresses of sites and keywords, user enters in browser.
  5. It breaches the privacy of your system and access your chat conversations on Messenger. It takes a screenshot of it and sends it to a predetermined host.
  6. It creates copies of your incoming and outgoing emails.
  7. It saves this information on hard disk and then emails it to the required email address.


Keylogger spreading mechanism     

The spreading mechanism of the Keylogger is such that complicates its removal from the System. It is entirely different from Viruses and malwares. Most times Keylogger is installed on System as any other software and user is not able to distinguish it as potentially unwanted program for a long time.

It enters into system in two ways i.e. manually and along with a software

Manual method Keylogger is manually installed by a person on PC/ Desktop for some specific purpose. Sometimes a hacker breaks into PC and installs Keylogger on the device.

Carrier Method – The developers of Keylogger employ a Trojan, virus or a backdoor etc. to carry Keylogger into system. The easiest target for them is a vulnerable PC which is already facing several security threats. The Keylogger installed by the Virus or Trojan lacks uninstallation feature and is thus difficult to remove. The keylogger is controlled only by the attacker.

How to eliminate keylogger from PC?

There is no mechanism available to retrieve the data stolen by Keylogger. So the wisdom lies in eliminating Keylogger from System as soon as possible. You can remove it manually or use a powerful Anti- spyware to get rid of it.


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