Mail Bomber Removal

What is a Mail Bomber ? How To Remove Mail Bomber ?

Mail Bomber Removal

A mail bomber flood victim’s email account with emails filled with attachments. This is being done to make him to click on a link promoting a product, Institution, party or a Group. The attachments are sometimes filled with Malwares and viruses which slow down the Computer.

Spreading Mechanism

Usually this software is installed by hacker on his/her PC to send bulk of emails to a contact. But, it can be secretly installed on the PC of a victim as well.

Its developers can use a carrier like Trojan, Virus or a Malware to land it in victims’ PC.

The Mail Bomber spreads only via internet. So the PC which are not connected to internet have no chances of getting infected with Mail Bomber. The Mail bomber they carry lacks uninstall feature and hence becomes difficult to delete it from PC.

Though it is not a virus or Trojan but it can be more annoying than them in many cases.

It reduces the performance of your device. It slows down your internet connection and nothing can be more annoying for a computer user than a slow internet connection.

There are legitimate as well as illegitimates mail bombers in the market. The design, features and functions are almost similar in both. The legitimate ones are used by corporate companies to keep their clients updated about new products and services in the market. On the other hand, illegal ones are used to send bulk of fraudulent emails and attachments to user.

Mail Bomber- activities

As the Mail Bomber makes way into the system, it carries out following illegal activities

  1. It disables user from sending and receiving emails.
  2. It slows down PC and decreases its performance.
  3. It slows down the internet connection of user
  4. In many cases it has been found responsible for system Crash
  5. Since Mail bomber is aimed at sending fraudulent mails to people. The hacker can use the account of victim to send emails to people. It can land the victim in jail.
  6. It sends people spam messages filled with all types of malicious links. The links have the potential to deposit critical viruses and malware on the PC of user.

How to remove it from the System

  • Malicious mail bombers should never be kept on a computer because they can lead you to various issues.
  • As soon as you smell its presence on the OS of your PC, get rid of it immediately other it can cause you a lot of PC problems. The best method is to use a power Anti-spyware for eliminating it from the system.
  • Except a few, most of the Mail Bombers can be uninstalled manually. We will provide you the complete removal guide in a separate article about Mail Bombers.


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