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What is Nuker Malware?How To Remove Nukers

how to remove nukers malwaew Guide

A Trojan horse like malicious program Nuker is used to carry destructive payload and to alter system settings by deleting or adding critical system files. It does this so to decrease the speed and performance of computer. Some Nukers destroy OS’s completely leaving the user high and dry. A nuker can be utilized by a hacker to cause system restart and windows crash.

Some Nuker format system hard disk erasing all important data on it.

Activities carried out by Nuker

Some of the illegal activities carried out by Nuker are as follows

  1. It hides itself in the background to prevent its detection before running its payload.
  2. It destabilizes system, causes Windows crash, system restarts or shuts down unexpectedly.
  3. It results in the loss of a vital information and personal data.
  4. They can erase valuable data from system hard disk and install malicious additional software
  5. It adds its registry values and components to System Windows. It can disable certain Apps and install desired ones.
  6. It can corrupt, overwrite or delete files installed on the system.
  7. It can cause DoS and similar types of attacks.
  8. Nuker can attack Network attack against a remote computer.
  9. It can cause a significant damage to essential hardware, alter its settings and clear CMOS memory.
  10. Nukers san uninstall feature. So uninstalling won’t be possible for getting rid of it.  They hide in the background and disguise itself as genuine one.

How Nukers penetrate your Computer Security cover

The most common method via which Nukers make way into a System is a carrier. It uses various carriers like Trojans, worms and other malwares to transport itself to PC of victim. Then it exploits security vulnerabilities of PC to enter into victims’ PC.

Some Nukers are so dangerous that they need just an IP address to attack a computer. It has even a tendency to install manually on computer.

How to Remove Nuker from PC?

If your PC has been infected by a Nuker, get a powerful reliable security Software for removing it from the PC.  Since it lacks uninstall feature, it is difficult to remove it using manual procedure. Manual procedure may not be able to remove it completely from system.


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