What is Ransomware? How To Remove Ransomware

Ransomware Removal Guide

Ransomware is another malicious programs that locks your system and asks for some ransom to unlock it. This is the reason why it is called ransomware. There are many types of ransomware on internet. It forbids you from accessing your own system and holds your system for ransom.

What Does Ransomware Do?

They basically hold you back from accessing your own system. They will ask you to do something for them before they unlock your PC. They can target any PC user, ranging from a personal computer to a commercial one. They can even target a government operated PC.

  1. It prevents you from opening your own PC.
  2. It encrypts files into an unusable format so that you can’t use them anymore.
  3. They prevent certain apps from running to hamper your work.

It might also demand some money in ransom to let you access your system. They also make people complete a survey to unlock their systems. But there is no guarantee that they will unlock your computer even after the ransom is paid.

How Does Ransomware Enter Your System?

  1. If you visit any unsafe or completely new website without a proper knowledge, then chances are that your computer might be infected with ransomware.
  2. Opening the emails and attachment sent by the suspicious sender or the unknown one can also cause ransomware infection.
  3. Clicking on the unknown links sent over chats and messages can be unsafe. The suspicious links given on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform can lead to ransomware infliction.

How To Prevent Ransomware?

It is nearly impossible to recover your system once a ransomware has infected your system and your files are encrypted. The only way is to prevent the ransomware entering your system.

  1. Don’t click on any link given on an unknown website. Even the links provided in the chats, emails shouldn’t be clicked until and unless they are sent by a trusted sender.
  2. If you’re not sure about any link, don’t click on it.
  3. Look out for any spelling mistakes in the company names like PayPal, iTunes, etc. Fake emails and fake websites often make these mistakes.

How Is Ransomware Different From Other Online Scammers?

  1. Ransomware dictates you to do something to unlock your system.
  2. It has a stronger potential to harm your system
  3. The carrier is Trojan, so getting rid of it impossible.
  4. Requires a series of steps to get rid of it.
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