Remote Administration Tool Removal

What is Remote Administration Tool (RAT)?How To Remove RAT.

Remote Administration Tool Removal

Remote Administration Tool (RAT) is a kind of malware which is used by hackers to establish a remote connection with an isolated computer via an internet connection or across a local network to control it and perform needed activities. RAT works on Server and Client technology. The server part of RAT becomes functional in Victim’s computer and obeys the commands from the client. The client is functional on the Remote Host.

It is difficult for a user to track RAT because it hides itself in the background of a system to avoid uninstallation by user.

RAT- activities

Some of the activities carried out by RAT are as follows

  1. The Remote Host controls victim’s PC and monitors activities on it. It can remain invisible for months and years together performing its desired tasks
  2. The RAT Remote Host manages files and documents of the victim, installs any desired software.
  3. The attacker modifies System settings and he or she may turn off or restart computer anytime.
  4. RAT is more like a Backdoor. They share many functions but are not so common like a backdoor.
  5. It has not any additional destructive function or dangerous payload.
  6. It does not work automatically, needs a client to control it and a server in the victim’s PC.
  7. The Remote Host Gathers data and sends it to intruder.
  8. It causes computer instability, decreases internet and system speed, which ultimately results in a decline in the performance of the system.
  9. If the Remote Host is unable to get desired data, he/she may make victim to pay Ransom or threaten to destroy data.

Spreading Mechanism or distribution technique

A Remote administration tool deposits on system, stealthily so that user doesn’t become conscious and makes move to remove it from the system. It can be installed on the system manually or automatically.

  • Manually- It can be installed on a PC manually by system admin or by a user who has been given the privilege by Admin. But this type of RAT is legitimate and is used for fixing system issues by technicians.

But sometimes a hacker breaks into the system and installs RAT.

  • Using parasites as carrier- One more way is using parasites like Trojans, backdoor and worms, etc. as the carrier to transport RAT to the system where it exploits system vulnerability making way for it into the system. The Trojan loaded with RAT remains present on a malicious website. As the user makes a click on the website, the Trojan downloads onto the PC of the victim. The RAT deposits so stealthily that no warning, dialog or setup wizard is displayed on screen.

Removing RAT from the system

  • It is very difficult to remove RAT manually from the system. The reason is it keeps its identity hidden. You have to first search for it by a powerful anti-malware. The anti-malware will search and eliminate it.
  • If you will prefer a manual procedure over automatic, it may not be able to remove RAT completely from the system. The traces of a RAT may destabilize your PC and slow down your system.

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