Sniffers Removal

What are Sniffers ? How To Remove Sniffers 

Sniffers Malware Removal Guide

Sniffer which is also known by names packet analyzer, protocol or a network analyzer is a genuine software, the task of which is to monitor the network traffic from one PC to another. Once it monitors the network traffic from one location to another, it then analyzes, decodes and enables owner to see content.

It aids admin in system troubleshooting or for detecting Network intrusion.

If the same software is used by an unreliable person, he/she may steal all sensitive information including login details, passwords and credit card number etc.

Sniffer is mostly installed on a System which is connected to a local network. It hides in the system background and it is not necessary for it to run on the system.

Sniffer can also be a hardware in the forum of a router with sniffing capabilities.

Sniffer – Activities and consequences

 Some of its activities and their consequences are as follows:

  1. Unlike other malware, it doesn’t produces any impact on the system performance or speed nor does it infect PC in any other way. It doesn’t causes any damage to the data on your PC but it causes very serious privacy related activities.
  2. Since this App needs a very few resources and has practically no graphical user interface hence it is very hard for a user to get smell of it in a system.
  3. Hackers can exploit it to violate PC Privacy.
  4. Hackers may have been tracking your internet data but for years together but you may be unaware.
  5. It provides hackers will login details and other sensitive information of user.
  6. It monitors and analyzes user’s network traffic and filters some defined packets
  7. It transmits network packets from one location to another.
  8. It saves stolen data into a file.

How it penetrates into your PC

There are several methods via which it makes it entry into a PC or Desktop. Some of them are as follows

  1. Sniffers are both legitimate as well as illegitimate. The former is installed on a PC manually by the admin. On the other hand illegitimate one is installed by a hacker after intruding the privacy of a system.
  2. Attacker can utilize a carrier for transporting Sniffer to a system. Some of the carriers used are Viruses, backdoors, Trojans and worms etc. They enter into PC stealthily into a vulnerable system. The sniffers transported by a carrier san uninstall function and are fully controlled by attackers or developers.

How to get rid of it from the system

The most effective way to get rid of it from the computer is to install a powerful anti-malware on Operating System. The anti-malware will detect and then eliminate it from the system.

You can also remove it manually from the system but some sniffers lack uninstall feature.      

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