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How To Remove BUTTSniffer Sniffer?

BUTTSniffer Sniffer Removal Guide

A BUTTSniffer sniffer which is also known by names Packet Analyzer, protocol analyzer or a network analyzer is an application which has been designed to monitor the network traffic from one network to another. The BUTTSniffer captures information in packets, decrypts it and sends it to owner for analyzing the data.  Till this App is handled by a reliable person, we cannot call this app dangerous because it is being mostly used for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes or for detecting hacking attempts.

But unfortunately, the App has fallen in the hands of Hackers who use it for their vicious purposes.  E.g. for stealing login details of user and other sensitive information.  The hackers make use of internet to carry this detail from one location to another.

BUTTSniffer has been used by hackers to steal bank account details to absorb money, credit card number for shopping, passwords and other identity details for blackmailing user.

How is BUTTSniffer installed on computer?

The BUTTSniffer is sometimes installed by Admin intentionally to monitor activities of employees, students and children. It can be installed on any PC which is connected to a local network and it is not important to run it on infected system.

The hackers installs BUTTSniffer on their computer and steal victim’s computer data including login details. But sniffer cannot propagate itself like a virus for that purpose, it needs a person to open the system of victim and email details to its desired address.

If the hackers succeed in installing BUTTSniffer on victims’ computer, they can intercept network traffic and destabilize system.

BUTTSniffer – Activities

Some of the activities carried out by BUTTSniffer are as follows:

  1. A  BUTTSniffer cannot just be a computer software, it can be a physical device connected to affected computer. The device could be in the shape of a route having sniffing capabilities. The device works exactly like software sniffers but it is difficult to detect than latter.
  2.  Unlike other malwares, sniffer remains focused on its goal and doesn’t poses other threats to the PC of the user.
  3. It doesn’t decreases speed or performance of system nor does it cause any stability issues to computer.
  4. It doesn’t harms the data on your device in any way.
  5. It may cause serious privacy issues
  6. The Sniffer don’t utilizes too much resources of computer and has no graphical user interface that makes its detection impossible in a computer.
  7. The user remains unaware of its presence in computer for months and years.  During this period, the sniffer keeps on supplying desired information to hacker. The hacker then collects login names, passwords, credit card numbers and many more details to utilize them for absorbing money from victim’s bank accounts and credit card.


How BUTTSniffer infects your system        

Some of the Methods used by BUTTSniffer for infiltrating computers are as follows:

BUTTSniffers cannot propagate themselves because these are not viruses and hence need to be controlled by a person. They can be installed on computer with or without the permission of the Admin.  E.g. if a boss of his company needs to spy on the activities of his employees, he can install sniffer manually on system. The admin can give rights to a person to install Sniffer on computer.

Sometimes hackers break into and installs sniffer on computer manually. This type of sniffer will be definitely malicious. Since this type of sniffer is being installed on computer without the permission of admin, it poses a serious threat to the privacy of the computer.

Sometimes BUTTSniffers are installed on computer with the help of parasites like Trojans, backdoor and worms etc. They infiltrate into the computer stealthily to steal login details of user. They will steal the information of any host or guest on this compromised computer.

The Irony is sniffer lack uninstall feature and hence controlled only by attackers.


Backdoor/BO.ButtSniff [Computer Associates]
Orifice.sniff [McAfee]
W32/Back_Orifice.trojan.139264 [F-Prot]
Win32/BO.139264 trojan [Eset]
trojan [Eset]

BUTTSniffers Removal Guide

Auto Removal Tool 

  1. Download and install an Malwarebytes Anti- Malware on your computer
  2. Start a complete scan of your computer to remove all components linked to BUTTSniffers.
  3. Once the scan completes, the Anti- Malware will come out with a list of identified threats
  4. Select and eliminate them from Computer
  5. Restart and then reboot your PC to remove the remaining threats
  6. This may not clean your internet browsers
  7. You have to carry out a separate procedure for internet browsers

Screenshots : 

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

How To Get Rid of BUTTSniffer From The Computer (Manually)

To remove BUTTSniffer Sniffer, you may have to mess with registery & system files. Making a single mistake and deleting the wrong file may corrupt your system.
 To Avoid this use MalwareBytes – BUTTSniffer removal tool.

Since BUTTSniffer poses a very serious threat to the privacy of your device and can be used to steal passwords and other login details, you should get rid of it as soon as possible. You can utilize an anti-virus or anti-malware to remove it from the computer. You can also uninstall and remove sniffer manually from the computer. But manual method may not be effective for removing all sniffers as many of them lack uninstall feature.

 The Procedure to remove BUTTSniffer from Computer are as follows

  1. Delete the files  and folders connected with sniffer
  2. Go to control panel and look for suspicious programs and delete them from the system.
  3. Now make use of File explorer, browse files one by one in Files section
  4. Now select Folder/file to be removed
  5. Click Shift+ delete
  6. Click on yes in confirmation box
  7. Note that if the file is used by an App or program, you can’t delete it from system, you have to download a Removal software to get rid of these files.
  8. Right-click File and choose  option Send To
  9. Click on Remove on Next Reboot
  10. Now restart your device

How to remove ButtSniffer Sniffer

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