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Spyware is one more malicious program that aims to spy on the activities of a user and after collecting information sends it to the attacker that could be a hacker or it can be a person from some intelligence service.

Once it is installed on your system, it then carries out all illegal activities.

The activities may describe the motive and behavior of a vendor. The vendor may require to steal login data of a user and then share it with some third party via internet connections.

Some spyware require to track browsing habit of user and then bombard the user’s browsers with promotional content and pop-up ads.

Some Spywares don’t steal login details, though they may collect some non-personally identifiable information. These include legal advertising adware or Apps and hence they can’t be called privacy violators.

How Spywares make entry into your system

Some of the methods via which spyware makes entry into a system are as follows:

  1. Most of the Spywares look like a genuine software like fast download manager, powerful web search service and Internet accelerator. These names of software catch the attention of user immediately. But once the users installs a spyware on system, he/she realizes it very soon that the program is of no use at all. The irony is after uninstallation, some traces of it retain in the system and then function as an independent software.
  2. A free software can be bundled with a spyware. It is presented to user as an essential component of the software like a browser add –on. It lacks uninstall feature and hence can be removed only by utilizing an anti-spyware.
  3. The PC’s which are already facing security threats can very easily accept a spyware from anywhere. It can make its way via an unsecure web browser, web sites filled with malicious code, unsafe pop-ups and banner ads etc. A user is not able to detect it because it lacks warning, dialogs and setup wizards.
  4. The spywares can also be distributed by carriers like Trojans, worms and backdoors.

Spyware – activities 

Spyware can be used to carry out following activities

  1. It can be used for stealing login data and other sensitive information from victims PC.  This information can be then used for blackmailing or misusing victims, social media and email accounts. The attacker can steal money from bank accounts and shop with credit card.
  2. It can show annoying ads to user. The ads block the website content and can be embarrassing for user if it is related to porn or gambling.
  3. It can redirect user to a porn or Gambling site. In some cases spywares change the homepage and search engine of user.
  4. It can establish a remote connection with the PC of the victim to carryout illegal activities stealthily.
  5. It destabilizes PC and lowers system performance
  6. It can decrease the speed of the internet connection.

How To Remove a SpywareFrom The PC

A spyware can be eliminated from the system manually as well as automatically. For Automatic method, you will need to install a power anti-spyware on system and then use it to locate the hidden spyware. If the antispyware is not able to eliminate it, then you can try manual method. But manual method can’t be tried for removing every spyware because some spywares lack uninstall feature.

You should always keep in mind that if a spyware is not removed immediately from the system, it can block your scanner, hide files and employ methods to prevent spyware uninstallation.

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