Security Bytes Spyware Removal

How To Remove Security Bytes Spyware (Virus Removal Guide)

Security Bytes Spyware Removal

In this post, we will tell you how Security Bytes 2015 infects your system, what activities it carries out, how to save your device from its attack and how to get rid of Security Bytes 2015 from the computer.

What is a Security Bytes 2015?

Security Bytes 2015 is a Spyware which just pretends to scan your System, then shows victim a list of fake threats to scare user so that he/she purchases its recommended security software. Most of the people are aware of it but some inexperienced computer users fell in its trap and install its recommended fake software. The software may be just a bunch of malwares which pose a number of problems to the system and its user.

How Security Bytes 2015 infiltrates into a computer?

The purpose of installing Security Bytes 2015 on victim’s operating system is to absorb money from bank accounts. Some of the distribution methods used by hackers to infiltrate it into computers are as follows

1. It can be downloaded on your system via Fake alerts. You will be asked to install an update on a system, But the update will be actually a spyware
2. You will be recommended to install a given software on computer but the software will be actually a hub of spyware including Security Bytes 2015.
3. Malicious websites like porn, Xvedios, Hamster and Gambling etc. are a reservoir of malwares like Security Bytes 2015.
4. Spywares are installed on computers via spam email attachments and links. So, you should be careful while dealing with suspicious emails from unknown senders.

How to prevent Security Bytes 2015 spyware attack?

It is very difficult to trace Security Bytes 2015 spyware in your system if its developers manage to infiltrate it in your computer. It enters into a computer in a very stealthily manner and the users comes to know about it when it interferes in system functions. Some tips to block it

1. Never ever click on a Random suspicious URL, email attachments and links. These links and URL’s could contain Security Bytes 2015 spyware. If an email is from an unknown sender and there are a lot of typo or grammar mistakes, avoid this kind of email, otherwise it can deposit Security Bytes 2015 like spyware on your system.

2. Some websites mainly porn and Gambling etc. are actually the hub of all types of malware including Security Bytes 2015 spyware. If you will search any of these sites, the chances of malware infection increase manifold.

3. Keep the security of your system always updated and install a Firewall and power antivirus on Windows. The antivirus will block any suspicious stuff installing on your device. The Firewall will check the authenticity of the websites and will alert you about the harmful sites.

4. Check the authenticity of updates and software before installing them on your system. It can be a trick to inject malware into your system. The Fake software will carry scan of your computer and come up with fake threat list and then recommends you a security software which can be a bunch of malwares.

How to get rid of Security Bytes 2015 spyware?

If you have even a slightest doubt in your mind that the PC you are using may be infected with a variant of security Bytes 2015. Don’t wait scan your device with a reliable and powerful Anti-spyware to identify and eliminate it from the system. Some spywares have a capability to disable an anti-virus or an anti-malware. If this is the case, you can then utilize System restore method to remove Security Bytes 2015 spyware.

Method No.2: Manual Method

Follow the following steps to remove Spyware manually.

To remove Security Bytes 2015 redirect spyware, you may have to mess with registery & system files. Making a single mistake and deleting the wrong thing may corrupt your system.
 To Avoid this use MalwareBytes – Security Bytes 2015 Spyware Removal Tool.

The procedure to carry out a system restore for removing Security Bytes 2015 spyware is as follows

1. Click on Start
2. Select All Programs>> Accessories >> System Tools
3. Click on System restore
4. Choose Restore my computer to an earlier time
5. Click on Next
6. Choose the data and the restore point you are looking for.
7. Click Next
8. Your PC will reboot
9. Now click OK on Restoration Complete window
10. Now scan your computer with an anti-virus

Screenshots : 

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide


How to reboot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking

1. Restart the infected PC
2. Click on F8 till it shows Advanced Boot Options screen
3. Choose Safe Mode with Networking
4. Click on Enter
5. Log in with the same account you use for Normal Windows mode.
6. Right Click on browser icon
7. Select Run as Administrator’
8. Click on your system Anti-virus to remove malicious files.

How to block Security Bytes 2015 before it infects your PC

The procedure to block Security Bytes 2015 before it infects your PC is as follows

1. Let Security Bytes 2015 finish fake scan
2. Click Allow unprotected
3. Close warning message.
4. Now open File Explorer in documents
5. Enter %AppData% in the location bar. Click on enter.
6. Rename entries
7. Reboot PC
8. Now use an antivirus to remove Security Bytes 2015

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