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What is Trojan Horse?How To Remove Trojan

how to remove Trojans Guide

Trojans or Trojan horse are malicious computer programs that are designed to breach the security of a computer system for gaining access to victim’s system. Unlike viruses Trojans don’t replicate, they disguise them in the system and behave as a legitimate application. Cyber criminals use social engineering and other tricks to load and execute Trojans in victim’s system. Once Trojan is installed on victims’ PC it allows the cyber criminals to spy on them, steal their sensitive information and unauthorized backdoor access to their system. They also spread other viruses that cause security threats and damage the infected PC.

How do Trojans Attack Your System?

Trojans generally do not propagate themselves. If a Trojan intruded a system successfully then it will have unlimited access to the infected PC where it will exploit all system resources in order to fulfill malicious purposes of the attacker.

These are some ways how Trojans break into a PC:

  • Trojans can enter a system through emails, file sharing networks, and online social chats (like ICQ, AIM or IRC), attached as a useful tool. Such emails, files, chats may contain unknown links, ads, that disguise and trick users. When users click on such suspicious contents their system get infected to Trojans that steal their personal information and harm their system.
  • Security flaws cause Trojans to intrude a system. Trojans take advantage of system vulnerabilities and flaws to enter a system. They exploit browser vulnerabilities to use the host system and enter the system when users visit untrusted sites, click on pop-up ads, banners, or unknown links.
  • Trojans can also be injected through other viruses and worms which attack a system without users’ knowledge. Such viruses and worms can contain malicious contents that cause Trojans entry.
  • Trojans may come bundled with some unlicensed and untrusted software packages that users install in their system. Users download software packages from net like free games which may contain Trojans that can intrude users’ system.

Damages by Trojans to infected system?

  • Damage the PC and its resources: If a Trojan successfully enters a PC it seriously damages such system. Trojan can cause: crash programs, computer and devices, modify or delete files and other data, corrupts data, format disks, destroy contents, spread malware on system and network, spy on users’ activities, degrade system performance.
  • Steal sensitive information: Trojans are very dangerous parasites as they not only destroy the system but also steal confidential information such as user id, password, credit card number. Trojans cause: use system resources for mining cryptocurrencies, for spamming, as proxy for illegal activities, infect other connected devices, electronic money theft, install other dangerous viruses like ransomware.
  • Spy the victim’s various activities: Trojans are used for spying the various activities of the victim on the system and over the internet. Trojans gather data, logs users every keystroke inputted from the keyboard, watch users’ screen, captures screen shot, use webcam to take pictures, and can gain remote access to the system.

How to Protect your system?

By installing effective anti-malware software, you can defend against Trojans and avoid clicking on unknown links, ads and visiting untrusted websites, users’ can protect their system.

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