Backdoor.apimas Removal

How To Remove Backdoor.Apimas (Virus Removal Guide)

Backdoor.apimas Removal Guide

This article will provide you all information about how to remove Backdoor.Apimas from PC? furtherly, you will get to know additional information about Backdoor.Apimas.


Backdoor.Apimas is a disastrous Trojan that infects system as soon it invades. Backdoor.Apimas infiltrates in a manner that user won’t get any clue. After successful infiltration, Backdoor.Apimas would create malicious files in the system in start to execute their functions. Backdoor.Apimas performs lurking activities in the background and open backdoor for inviting another malware. Which cause of modification in files and register entries. Sometimes, these alterations in settings may lead user to redirect any undesirable webpages.

Adverse effects of having Backdoor.apimas

Backdoor.Apimas could generate numerous troubles on user’s computer, it is developed for targeting practically to all of windows based system. if Backdoor.Apimas is in user’s PC, then it might face these listed troubles:

  • Backdoor.Apimas occupies user’s computer resource and use user’s CPU internal memory to slow down user’s PC performance.
  • Backdoor.Apimas can be a cause to PC for running weirdly by blocking activities and programs.
  • Backdoor.Apimas may take benefit of the computer vulnerability to penetrate user’s PC without user’s consent.
  • Backdoor.Apimas would let infiltrate other taints easily come into user’s PC.
  • Backdoor.Apimas can restrict the antivirus and windows defender which have been installed in user’s PC.

How Backdoor.Apimas Invades into the PC?

  • Contaminated CD/DVD or U.S.B to the PC.
  • Unauthenticated file sharing.
  • Free downloads like games, updates, utilities, videos, etc. via Internet preferably from unsafe domain.
  • Social media is now the most adopted ways of cyber criminals with the intension to spread their programs.
  • Mouse click on online ads attached with malicious codes can also allow harmful bugs to get slips into your computer.
  • Opening emails attached with malicious codes.
  • On networked drive, if any PC is infected with malware has write access to your PC or to the drive accessible by your PC, then in that scenario, malware like Backdoor.Apimas can slips to your device.
  • Using outdated antivirus programs can helps malware to bypass it and get traveled into the PC.

Adware Backdoor.Apimas redirect Removal Guide

 If Adware has already infected your computer, go for its removal immediately otherwise when its infection becomes severe, it causes a lot of trouble and becomes too stubborn to remove from the computer.

How to remove Backdoor.Apimas from PC?

These are simplest steps, by which you can remove Backdoor.Apimas easily:

  • By scanning from Malwarebytes anti-malware:
  • At initial step, you would have to downloaded Malwarebytes anti-malware program. Then, install to your computer.
  • Now, user need to close all the program of computer.
  • After that, user will be seen an icon at computer namely “mbam-setup”. Now, user need to click on that icon in order to install software. if user haven’t installed the setup. Nonetheless, if user have already installed it. then user may ignore this step.
  • Now, user account control will be shown to user’s computer screen. continue the installation procedure by clicking on yes.
  • After doing that, user would be gotten a screen mentioning Malwarebytes anti-malware setup.
  • Go to NEXT option and just follow the commands.
  • Latterly, user will have a FINISH option. As user, will click on that option the installation procedure will be done.
  • After this, Malwarebytes will be started and update its database.
  • In order to scan computer user need to click on SCAN NOW option.
  • At the end of scan, Malwarebytes ant-malware will show user infected file or programs if user system is acquiring any.
  • Select the all files detect by Malwarebytes anti-malware application and click on remove option to remove it from computer.
  • By this command, Malwarebytes anti-malware program will remove all the malicious files from system.
  • As removing procedure will be done. Malwarebytes anti-malware program need to reboot the computer.
  • Therefore, let the computer reboot.
  • After rebooting, user can scan the entire system over again. So that, can check if any malevolent file is remaining or not.

Screenshots : 

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

Method No.2: Manual Method

Follow the following steps to remove adware manually.

To remove Backdoor.Apimas, you may have to mess with registery & system files. Making a single mistake and deleting the wrong thing may corrupt your system.
 To Avoid this use MalwareBytes – Backdoor.Apimas Removal Tool.

Step 1 : Uninstall suspicious software using Control Panel.

From Windows XP:

  1. Select Start. then, go to Control Panel.
  2. After that, select Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Search for Backdoor.Apimas.
  4. Select Uninstall.

From Windows 7/ Vista:

  1. Select Start.
  2. After that, go to Control Panel.
  3. Select Uninstall a Program.
  4. Search for Backdoor.Apimas
  5. And, Select Uninstall.

From Windows 8/ 8.1:

  1. Go to Menu.
  2. Select Search.
  3. Then, select Apps.
  4. Now, control Panel.
  5. Select Uninstall a Program then choose Programs.
  6. Search for Backdoor.Apimas,
  7. Select Backdoor.Apimas.
  8. And, Select Uninstall.

From Windows 10:

  1. Select Start option for opening Start menu,
  2. Select the Settings.
  3. Select App & features.
  4. Search for Backdoor.Apimas
  5. Select on it,
  6. After that, Select on Uninstall button.
  7. Now, select to confirm.

Remove Backdoor.Apimas from browsers

From Google Chrome:

  1. Press Alt + F.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Search for Backdoor.Apimas.
  5. Select trash icon to eliminate it.

Note: If you can’t find required program, sort programs by date in Control panel and search for last installed programs.

After that remove Backdoor.apimas from your browser.

From Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Press Shift + Ctrl + A.
  2. Select Backdoor.Apimas.
  3. Select Disable or Remove button.

From Internet Explorer:

  1. Press Alt + T.
  2. Select Manage Add-ons.
  3. Opt Toolbars and Extensions.
  4. Select Disable Backdoor.apimas.
  5. Select More information.
  6. Select Remove option.
  7. If option turn out gray, then you might choose another option.

Resetting your browser search and homepage settings

From Google Chrome:

  1. Select the Chrome menu.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Select Show advanced settings.
  4. Then, Reset browser settings option.
  5. Select Reset browser settings.
  6. Then you will be seen reset option, Select Reset.

From Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Go to Help.
  2. Go to Troubleshooting information.
  3. Select Reset Firefox… option.

From Internet Explorer:

  1. Select to settings at right top corner.
  2. Select Internet options.
  3. Got to Advanced tab.
  4. Select Reset button.
  5. select Delete personal settings checkbox.
  6. Select Reset button.

Removal of registry entries:

  1. To clean registry entries.
  2. Tap on START option.
  3. Now, go to RUN option then click on it.
  4. After that, a search bar will be appeared, write REGEDIT in that search bar,
  5. Then, click on ENTER key.
  6. And, search for given registry entries by
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “” = “%AppData%\.exe”
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “CertificateRevocation” =Random
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer\run\Random.exe
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “” = “%AppData%\.exe”
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Random “.exe”

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