Backdoor.Batel Removal

How To Remove Backdoor.Batel (Virus Removal Guide)

Backdoor.Batel Removal Guide

This article is written, keeping a point in mind that how to remove Backdoor.Batel from computer? In this article, you would get the entire detail about Backdoor.Batel. how Backdoor.Batel infiltrates? What are changes is done by Backdoor.Batel? and over all information which can be helpful for you.


  • Backdoor.Batel is a very vicious malignant Trojan capable of causing trouble a lot. It can infiltrate without user’s consent. As, Backdoor.Batel enters computer, Backdoor.Batel starts to create malicious file and application which are not required for any computer. Backdoor.Batel takes advantages of system vulnerability and start to spoil the strength of computer. Backdoor.Batel creates duplicate file and store covertly in computer and with the help of these files it may remain undetected from anti-virus program stored in computer.
  • Backdoor.Batel mostly makes target to search engines like Goggle Chrome, Mozilla Firebox etc. to inject its illegitimate activities.

Changes occurred by Backdoor.Betal

  • Backdoor.Betal can make changes in system settings without user’s permission.
  • Backdoor.Batel creates numerous application and programs which are not required for computer.
  • Backdoor.Batel infects web browser and always redirect user to some scam websites which cause troubles a lot.
  • Backdoor.Batel may cause abrupt system crash by making malicious files. These files are hidden in core of the computer and can’t be detected easily.
  • Backdoor.Batel weakens security system of computer.
  • Backdoor.Batel helps to invade another computer malware. And, create trouble for user.
  • Backdoor.Batel can gather your personal information and may forward to the third party and can misuse them.

How Backdoor.Batel infiltrates?

  • Most of time, Backdoor.Batel penetrates the system by junk mail attack. Junk email are attached with malicious files and as, the user click on the link get redirected to download the malware.
  • No cost programs, which seems very helpful and user friendly nut in actual manner they are malicious programs or attached with malicious program. And, install without user’s permission in computer.
  • As, user surf underrated websites such as: porn websites, gambling websites etc. would lead user to have malware in their computer. Don’t visit any underrated websites, if you want to be remain safe.

Backdoor.Batel Removal Guide

 If Adware has already infected your computer, go for its removal immediately otherwise when its infection becomes severe, it causes a lot of trouble and becomes too stubborn to remove from the computer.

How to remove Backdoor.Batel from computer?

In order, to get rid from Backdoor.Batel from your computer. You should follow these steps:

  • By scanning from Malwarebytes anti-malware:
  • Your first step is to download Malwarebytes anti-malware.
  • When, you have completed the task of downloading the Malwarebytes anti-malware. Now, close all programs.
  • After closing all programs open the icon named “mbam-setup” in order to install the program.
  • Now, you will have USER ACCOUNT CONTROL option, to continue the installation click on yes option.
  • After that, setup-Malwarebytes anti-malware will be shown. Click on next and follow the instruction until finish will be appeared. As you click on finish the procedure of installation will be completed.
  • Now, Malwarebytes anti-malware will start and update the anti-malware database.
  • By clicking on scan now option, it will start to scan.
  • After completing the scan, infected files will be shown.
  • Remove it, by clicking on remove selected.
  • Now, Malwarebytes anti-malware will remove all the malicious files and registry entries.
  • After that, it will reboot the system then, you need to allow to reboot your system.
  • On restarting computer, scan once again to verify remaining threats.

Screenshots : 

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

Method No.2: Manual Method

Follow the following steps to remove adware manually.

To remove Backdoor.Batel trojan, you may have to mess with registery & system files. Making a single mistake and deleting the wrong thing may corrupt your system.
 To Avoid this use MalwareBytes – Backdoor.Batel Trojan Removal Tool.

Step 1 : Uninstall suspicious software using Control Panel.

Search & Remove Hidden Malicious Files from computer

For windows 10

  1. Click on windows + E on keyboard.
  2. Tap view tab.
  3. Check for hidden file and extensions.

In windows 8 or 8.1

  1. On home screen, tap on windows explorer.
  2. Go to view tab.
  3. Now, you need to put check marks on file name and extensions & hidden items.
  4. After that, close the windows explorer.

For windows 7/ XP & Vista

  1. Initially, user need to tap on the Windows icon.
  2. After that, choose open windows explorer
  3. Click on Organize select Folder
  4. Then Search Options.
  5. Now click on new tab option.
  6. Opt show hidden files and folders option.
  7. After that, uncheck hide protected system operating files.
  8. Lastly, click on yes option. And, confirmed it by clicking on ok.
  9. Reboot in safe mode

For windows vista/ 7/ XP

  1. Restart computer
  2. Tap F8 until computer starts rebooting.
  3. Now, select safe mode with networking.

For windows 8/ 8.1

  1. Right click on windows icon.
  2. Select control panel system and security administrator tools system configuration.
  3. Now, click on safe boot OK
  4. Then, new window will be displayed.
  5. Select restart option.

For windows 10

  1. Tap on start.
  2. Then tap on power button.
  3. Hold down shift button, while selecting restart.
  4. Select trouble shooting advanced option startup settings restart.
  5. Now, PC will reboot.
  6. Then, new startup settings will be shown.
  7. Select enable safe mode.

How to remove registry entries:

  1. For cleaning the registry, click on start button.
  2. Afterwards user will see an option of RUN then click on it.
  3. Now, a box will be shown on display, type REGEDIT in that box,
  4. After that, just press enter key or you may just click on the ok button.
  5. And, look for following registry entries by Backdoor.Batel:
  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\AppID\<random>.exe
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Microsoft\InternetExplorer\Main\StartPageRedirect=”http://<random>.com”
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\virus name
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon“Shell”=“%AppData%/<Backdoor.Batel>.exe”
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ‘Random’
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Random

Uninstall from task manager.

  1. Press ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. Select processes.
  3. Search Backdoor.Batel.
  4. Then, click and choose end process for removing Backdoor.Batel

Remove Backdoor.Batel from control panel.

For windows 10

  1. Click the start settings system apps & features
  2. Search Backdoor.Batel.
  3. Click uninstall.
  4. Confirm uninstall.

For windows 8 and 8.1

  1. Right click at window logo.
  2. Opt control panel programs and features uninstall a program.
  3. Search Backdoor.Batel.
  4. Click on uninstall.
  5. Wait, for processing.

Windows 7 and vista

  1. Click start menu select control panel Select programs and features >> uninstall a programfind Backdoor.Batel.
  2. Click on uninstall.

Windows XP

  1. Click start menu control panel add or remove programs
  2. Choose Backdoor.Batel.
  3. Click on remove.

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