Panda Banker Removal

How To Remove Panda Banker Trojan?

How to remove Panda  Bankar Trojan

How to get rid of Panda Banker Trojan?

Panda Banker is a Trojan that infiltrates a system and steal sensitive information, in this article we have provided the procedure of removing Panda Banker.

What is Panda Banker?

Panda Banker is a harmful threat; it is a browser Trojan that attack users’ computer system and damage it also steals sensitive information of the users. It is considered as a successor of Zeus Trojan which is responsible for extorting millions of dollars around world. It enters the system deceptively without users consent and permission. Initially this Panda Banker targeted banks in UK and Australia. It is mainly distributed through spam mails when users click on links or ads or spam mails their system get infected to Panda Banker and start downloading other harmful malware, track users’ activities on the system, collect users’ financial information, online account details and other confidential information. It also harms users’ system, it affects normal functioning of the system, and damage its and its components. Panda Banker is a dangerous computer threat and is designed to increase infection ratio through spear phishing. When it enters a system, it sends emails to low rank corporate ladder, the email looks like a request from bank branch to transfer money which sent by them and extort money in this way.

Symptoms of Panda Banker attack?

  • System’s internal settings changes
  • Alters browser settings and interrupts normal functioning of computer system
  • Attaches itself to browsers and bombard ads, unknown links
  • Affects systems overall performance by changing windows important configuration settings
  • Create new registry keys, delete or modify existing key and make system unstable
  • Download and install contents onto the computer from internet that may contain malware without users consent and permission.
  • Collect users’ sensitive information and track users’ activity both online and offline, it may collect information regarding IP address, bank details, credit card details and other confidential information.
  • Slow down the system, degrade system performance, crashes program and system, make system unresponsive.
  • Disable legitimate antivirus program and make PC vulnerable to other threats.
  • Displays fake security alerts and pop-up fake security messages.

How does Panda Banker Attack Your System?

  • Via Unprotected browsing: Users’ system may get infected to Panda Banker when they ignore safe browsing practice. When users on infected links, ads, banners, spam mails that may pop-up on a website or they get a mail their computer system may get infected. Cyber criminals use social engineering to trick users into installing such malicious program that damage their system and pose security threat. If users browse to untrusted websites where their computer system get infected.
  • Via freeware, utilities or other free data: Free software, utilities, data like songs, videos, etc. can be another mean by which users’ computer system get infected. Such free programs may come bundled with trojan and when users install free software onto their system they may also unknowingly install trojan on their computer system. Likewise, it may include in other system utilities, data which users download from internet especially from unofficial websites that are not trusted for downloading any data.

Panda Banker Trojan Removal Guide

Panda Bankar Trojan Auto Removal Tool 

  1. Download and install an Anti- Malware on your computer
  2. Start a complete scan of your computer to remove all components linked to Panda Bankar Trojan.
  3. Once the scan completes, the Anti- Malware will come out with a list of identified threats
  4. Select and eliminate them from Computer
  5. Restart and then reboot your PC to remove the remaining threats
  6. This may not clean your internet browsers
  7. You have to carry out a separate procedure for internet browsers

Screenshots : Panda Bankar Trojan Removal

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

How To Get Rid Of Panda Banker(Manually)

Following are the steps of manually removing Panda Banker.

From windows XP/Vista:

  1. Click Start button on bottom left of the desktop.
  2. Now find Control Panel on the menu that appeared and click on Control
  3. Now click on Add or Remove program, for windows 7 navigate to Programs > Programs and Features (ensure “view by:” is set to “category”).control-panel-Program-files-uninstall-panda-banker
  4. Look for suspicious program(s) that is/are related to Panda Banker in the list.
  5. Click Uninstall to remove all.
  6. Install a reputed anti-virus software and scan your system for further infection if exist.

From windows 8/10:

  1. Drag mouse cursor to the upper left of the screen.
  2. Now a menu list appears choose and click Search.
  3. Type Control Panel in the search bar and press Enter.control-panel-Program-files-uninstall-panda-banker
  4. Click on “view by:” and set it to “category” now click on Uninstall a Program under Programs.
  5. A list of all installed programs will appear, select suspicious programs linked to Panda Banker and click Uninstall to get rid of it.
  6. Install an antivirus and run scan.

Stopping fake processes run by Panda Banker

  1. Press simultaneously CTRL+ALT+DEL to launch Task Manager.ctrl-alt-delete-screenshot
  2. Now Task Manager window appear click on Processes Tab in the Task Manager.TaskManager-Screenshot
  3. Look for unknown processes of Panda Banker.
  4. Select the fake processes and click End Process button in the Task Window.
  5. Scan for any malware infection left with reputed antivirus software.

Remove bogus registry keys generated by Panda Banker

Warning: removing registry entry require technical skills and if done wrong can unstable   your system. Thus, you are advised to backup registry entries to be modified.


  1. Click on Start Button and find Run and Click (for windows 7/8/10 press ‘windows-key+R’ together).window-run-regedit
  2. Type in the run box “regedit” and press
  3. Registry Editor Window appear, now find false registry keys linked to Panda Banker and remove all. regedit-control-panel

How to get rid of panda Banker add-ons from Web Browsers

Below are steps of removing Panda Banker.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Add-ons or press CTRL+SHIFT+
  2. Go to Extensions and
  3. Find all suspicious add-ons and remove them.


Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to Tools > Manage add-ons > Add-on manager.
  2. Click Toolbars and Extensions.
  3. Find all suspicious tools and extensions and remove.


Google Chrome:

  1. Open chrome and click 3-dot/line icon on top-right of screen and now go to Tools >
  2. Now Extensions tab appear search all extensions linked to Panda Banker and remove them.

How to remove Panda Bankar Trojan

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