Worms Virus Removal

What are Worms ? How To Remove Worms ?

Worms Virus Removal

Worms are malicious computer programs which replicate themselves with the intention to infect the computer so as to deliver a damaging payload. Normally a worm spread through an email, open network shares or file sharing networks. A majority of worms are capable of infecting files, disrupt the overall performance of the computer, try to steal the user’s information or secretly install several other harmful parasites on the system as well.

How do worms spread?

Worms have the ability to replicate themselves and then spread itself on a computer without the consent of the user.

  • Some of the parasites known as mass mailing worms spread themselves via email. They may enter your system as an attachment with the emails or come implanted in the letters. When the user opens this email or letter the worm gets itself installed onto the system. There is no way that the user could tell that his system is infected as there are no suspicious activities. The worm does not display any suspicious warnings or dialogues thus making it hard to detect them.
  • The most common worms infect exposed computer systems by exploiting the known OS. The worst part is that these worms spread on their own and do not need any user interface.

What does a worm do on your computer?

The worm reduces the overall performance of the computer and reduces the speed of the internet. The infected system may also suffer from system instability, internet surfing problems and issues with software functionality. The system may also turn into the source of viruses which may cause some serious threat to the networks and hosts.

The most common activities caused by the worm are:

  • Using a vulnerable computer system in order to spread via email, instant messenger, file sharing network, open network shares and online chats.
  • Corrupting installed applications, infecting files and degrading the entire system.
  • Stealing and sharing personal /sensitive information, login names, passwords, identity details, valuable documents and user contacts.
  • Make the system more vulnerable by reducing the overall performance of the system thus making it more susceptible to instability. In fact, there are some of the parasites with utilizes way too much resources of the computer and create conflict between the installed applications.
  • To complicate the removal, it provides no uninstallation feature, conceals files, processes and other objects.

How to get rid of the worm and fix your system?

Worms are very similar to the regular viruses and can be easily removed with the help of an effective antivirus software. You choose from any of the high-quality antivirus software available in the market.

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